A Note on Home Deliveries from Stephen

A note regarding Home Deliveries from Stephen Jempson.

Dear All,

Home Deliveries – UPDATE

We need your help!

Our stores have experienced huge demand over the last week which has depleted our stocks considerably.

We have stocks coming through in the system and I am hopeful that by the middle of next week things will begin to get better.

You can help us by:

a. Being understanding of the current situation. It is doubtful we will be able to provide EVERYTHING you want.

b. Giving us the ability to substitute where your preferred choice is unavailable

c. Appreciating we have an “army” of new colleagues who are new to this work. They want to make this work – but we are human, things can go wrong.

d. Only ordering what you need for a week. We will endeavour to deliver once a week (min £30.00)

With regard to basic essentials – we have a lot of superb local suppliers who have made sterling efforts to up demand over the last 2 weeks.

We are not totally reliant on the large manufacturers as so many companies are:

Here is synopsis of where we see availability next week:

· Fruit & Vegetables – looking good

· Fresh Milk – looking good

· Fresh Bread – looking good

· Fresh Meat – some restrictions to range will apply

· Groceries – Dependent on Major suppliers.

We are all working night and day to provide necessities to those that can’t visit any of our stores.

In 41 years of working full time in the family business, I have never witnessed anything like this.

We live in troubling times – but the messages of goodwill and support from the local community have been heart-warming.

We live in a lovely part of the country and are part of a special community – together we can pull through and come out the other side.

Every colleague joins with me in thanking you.

Kind regards to you and yours,

Stephen & everyone at Jempson’s