Home Deliveries & Availability Update

Dear All,

Home Deliveries (Week 2 – 31st March)

Area 1 ( Rye & surrounding district)
We are off to a much better start this week! James and his teams are in place but the volume of orders increasing over and above
the huge start last week. We are using 3 vans a day here some of which are doing 3 journeys each. Over 250 requests have already
been made this week.

Area 2 (Battle, Wadhurst & surrounding districts)
Continuing on the good work last week, volume has remained good, and despatch is on time. Claire and her teams are aiming here for a Day 1 – Day 3 service and
are inching toward achieving this. As in Rye – 3 chilled vans are working across the area – doing multiple journeys in the course of day.

Please could I request anyone leaving messages on either of the order answerphones – please do speak clearly stating your name, address, post code & telephone number.
Sadly, we have had few cases where we have been unable to identify the caller.

I am pleased to report as follows:

Product areas: Availability
Bakery Goods Good
Fresh Milk Good
Dairy Products Marked improvement compared to last week
Eggs Marked improvement
Fruit & Vegetables Good
Paper Goods Toilet Rolls – marked improvement
Tin Veg, Soup, Meat & Fish Still challenging, – available but restricted choice
Fresh meat Good (have seen full shelves today!)

And something to whet the appetite!
Easter Eggs Good
Hot X Buns Excellent!

Hopefully this is helpful as you plan your week!

Thank you again for your understanding and patience,


UPDATE 24th March 15:50pm – Home Deliveries

UPDATE 24th March 15:50pm – Home Deliveries
Please be advised
Area 1 – We have stopped taking orders as at 2pm today.
We are attempting to collate, pick and dispatch all orders logged prior to 2pm today.
This will be a mammoth task but we hope to deliver all these orders by the weekend.
Please bear with us.
This order line will reopen at 9am on Monday 30th March
Area 2 – This service is under considerable pressure but still in operation.
Deliveries are underway in the next 24-48 hours.
Thank you for cooperation and understanding.

Update 24/03/2020 13:30pm – Home Delivery Service

Dear All,

As you can probably imagine, we’re really, really busy at the moment!

The Home Delivery service is up and running but we are experiencing a huge amount of calls and requests for assistance.

Could we politely state that this is a service for:

  1. Those who have had to self-isolate (Dr’s orders, Letter from NHS)
  2. Those who are vulnerable and unable to leave their homes

Whilst we have ALL been advised to self-isolate – the government have said that we can visit supermarkets for food.  We would welcome any of you to our stores that are physically able to shop once or twice a week to purchase their necessities. This would help us considerably.

Please, please help us to provide the service to those that most need it.

All stores are putting in place additional social distancing measures for the benefit of our customers and colleagues. These started on Saturday and further measures will be put in place today (24/03/2020) and during this week.

We are receiving more and more supplies as we speak with the range and availability improving daily.

Once again, thank you for your support and understanding.

Stephen & all the Jempson’s colleagues

A Note on Home Deliveries from Stephen

A note regarding Home Deliveries from Stephen Jempson.

Dear All,

Home Deliveries – UPDATE

We need your help!

Our stores have experienced huge demand over the last week which has depleted our stocks considerably.

We have stocks coming through in the system and I am hopeful that by the middle of next week things will begin to get better.

You can help us by:

a. Being understanding of the current situation. It is doubtful we will be able to provide EVERYTHING you want.

b. Giving us the ability to substitute where your preferred choice is unavailable

c. Appreciating we have an “army” of new colleagues who are new to this work. They want to make this work – but we are human, things can go wrong.

d. Only ordering what you need for a week. We will endeavour to deliver once a week (min £30.00)

With regard to basic essentials – we have a lot of superb local suppliers who have made sterling efforts to up demand over the last 2 weeks.

We are not totally reliant on the large manufacturers as so many companies are:

Here is synopsis of where we see availability next week:

· Fruit & Vegetables – looking good

· Fresh Milk – looking good

· Fresh Bread – looking good

· Fresh Meat – some restrictions to range will apply

· Groceries – Dependent on Major suppliers.

We are all working night and day to provide necessities to those that can’t visit any of our stores.

In 41 years of working full time in the family business, I have never witnessed anything like this.

We live in troubling times – but the messages of goodwill and support from the local community have been heart-warming.

We live in a lovely part of the country and are part of a special community – together we can pull through and come out the other side.

Every colleague joins with me in thanking you.

Kind regards to you and yours,

Stephen & everyone at Jempson’s

Coronavirus Home Delivery Plan

Coronavirus – Home Delivery Plan

(Home Deliveries – Action Plan (for Over 70s and those isolating only)


Area 1:
Rye, Peasmarsh, Playden, Winchelsea, Winchelsea Beach Udimore, Brede, Broad Oak, Northiam Beckley, Newenden, Ewhurst, Icklesham, Witterhsam, Iden, Stone, Camber

Area 2:
Battle, Wadhurst, Ticehurst Mountfield, Catsfield, Robertsbridge, Salehurst, Stonegate, Hurst Green, Hawkhurst, Sandhurst, Westfield

Area 1:

Please telephone: 01797 226 044 Select option 4

Area 2:

Please telephone: 01424 774 097 Select option 4

Customer to leave following details on the answer machine

a. Name
b. Address
c. Telephone number

Jempson’s Help desk will then call back for the order

Jempson Foundation – Rye Food Bank Appeal

We are living in unprecedented times, but we must not forget those within our community that rely on food banks.

Donations to the Rye Food Bank have dropped, they urgently need supplies.

The Jempson Foundation is accepting monetary donations on the behalf of Rye Food Bank with the undertaking to collate and deliver to them essential groceries at cost price from your donations.

Significant food stocks need to be built, we all need to pull together.

Donations are gratefully received via our website –

Please give whatever you can today, Rye Food Bank would be grateful for your support, thank you.

Customer Notice – Home Deliveries

In light of the Government advice which currently indicates an impending period of isolation for the over 70’s and those with underlying health issues, we wanted to advise you all that Jempson’s will be announcing a Home Delivery service to all customers who are unable to shop in their stores. We are currently finalising arrangements with local authorities and will announce by the end of this week. Customers will have the option to place orders by telephone or email.

To all those who are concerned please rest assured our colleagues in every store will endeavour to insure you each have the necessities to get you and your families through this difficult period.

We are thankful to report our supply of goods and services to all stores thus far has been excellent. We are securing additional stocks daily to cope with extra demand. Particular thanks go to our Local suppliers who have been outstanding in the way they have accommodated the extra demands we have placed on them. Should you have any further specific issue that you wish to discuss please email or call 01797 230 214.

We are living in unprecedented times.

I and every colleague in our organisation wants to reassure you that everyone at Jempson’s is devoted to taking care of you when you shop with us.

We hope you and your families stay healthy.

With best wishes to all,

Stephen and every colleague in the Jempson’s team

Donation to Winchelsea New Hall

The Jempson Foundation recently made a donation to Winchelsea New Hall for the replacement of sash windows to main hall.

Rob Mortimer said, “We would like to thank The Jempson Foundation for their support. The donation is gratefully received and will go towards the cost of local craftsmen to make and install sash windows to ensure the village hall is well ventilated and energy efficient. Thank you, this donation will make a real difference.”

Pictured Rob Mortimer and Dominic Plomer-Roberts from Jempson’s.

Donation to BACE

The Jempson Foundation recently made a donation to BACE (Building and Assisting Communities with Education), a small charity with a long reach formed to help children in rural communities in the Gambia access education and health services.

Sarah Curd said, “We would like to thank the Jempson Foundation for their support. BACE are now providing a healthy “meal a day” for the children attending the school as malnutrition is still a major health concern for the government. The feeding programme costs in the region of £350 per month, which is around £1.00 a week per child for the charity. BACE have also built and opened The BACE Primary Health Care Clinic in November 2014, and employ 4 full time nurses who live in the Gambia to work there. Many of the volunteers helped raise the funds to build and continue to raise the funds to sustain the fantastic work being done. As volunteers we pay for our own travel and accommodation, so every penny we raise goes direct to our work in The Gambia.

Pictured Sarah Curd and Dominic Plomer-Roberts from Jempson’s.

Donation to Playden WI

The Jempson Foundation recently made a donation to Playden WI for the maintenance of the car park and a small garden area.

John Holbrook said, “We would like to thank The Jempson Foundation for their support. The WI hall is a hub for the local community used by toddlers, play groups, yoga classes and is a help for young mums. This car park needs to be secure and accessible, especially in the winter time. Thank you, this donation will make a real difference.”

Pictured John & Margaret Holbrook and Dominic Plomer-Roberts from Jempson’s.

Donation to Better Beckley Project – Phase Two

The Jempson Foundation recently made a donation to the Better Beckley Project for phase two for the multi-use games area.

Phil Maynard said, “We would like to thank The Jempson Foundation for their support. Phase two will enable us to commence work on a multi-use games area. We plan to renovate and upgrade the tennis court to a multi-use games area for tennis, football, basket ball & netball, install goal posts on Jubilee field and provide a shelter and path to car park. Thank you, this donation will make a real difference.”

Pictured Pupils from Beckley CE Primary School and Dominic Plomer-Roberts from Jempson’s.

Donation to The Rye Christmas Festival

The Jempson Foundation recently made a donation to The Rye Christmas Festival, as a contribution towards the towns annual festival.

Heather Stevenson said, “We would like to thank The Jempson Foundation for their support. Being a local event based on community spirit and well being, we come to local people and businesses seeking contributions. This donation will be used to provide street entertainment within the town during this year’s Christmas Festival.”

Stephen Jempson said ‘The Foundation was established in 2010, Jempson’s 75th Anniversary, with the principle to support local projects and charities” he continued “We are delighted to be able to offer our support and we hope that our contribution will make a difference to the local community which we are proud to serve.”

Pictured with Heather Stevenson from Rye Christmas Festival and Rye deputy manager Francis Walker.