Rye Food Bank Appeal

A massive ‘thank you’ for all of the donations you have made to Rye Food Bank.

As you know, The Jempson Foundation became aware of the severe shortages of food being donated to the Rye Food Bank and commenced the appeal on 20th March via social media. In 4 weeks alone we have raised £4,120.00. On behalf of the Foundation may I thank each and every one of you. This is staggering result!

We must not forget those within our community that rely on food banks. The need now is higher than we can ever remember. We have personally heard of some most distressing cases so I do thank you for your continued generosity. We, at The Jempson Foundation have pledged to pay our part, in making donations, providing goods at cost prices and challenging our supplier base to assist where they can.

Rye Food Bank are dong incredible work distributing goods to the needy and I can convey their grateful thanks to you all.