Jempson’s together with Morrison’s

In May this year, Jempson’s in Peasmarsh became the first store to re-launch as part of the ‘Together with Morrison’s’ brand, a model designed for independent store owners with established local brands and larger stores.

Initially just here at Peasmarsh, this will be rolled out into all Stores over the coming months, the next in June being Jempson’s Express and Northiam Local. We will even be launching two new stores as part of this collaboration too! Follow us on Social Media to keep up to date with the changes.

This is NOT a takeover, simply a way in which to bring you, our customers, value everyday!

New Prices, Old Values.

Customers will see a greater range of Morrison’s Own Label including their own Best range which features over 8000 products! The prices in our large stores, Peasmarsh, Rye, & Battle will align with the prices at large Morrison’s Supermarkets and there will be a huge range of products that are now suited to the weekly family shopper, a group we want to cater for but have not always been able to.

Our home delivery service will feature the Morrison’s range as well, with over 10,000 products to choose from and have delivered to your door!

Jempson’s will continue to deal with with our local and artisan suppliers for the long term such as egg farmers, apple producers, potato growers, and strawberry farmers. In 2022, the expenditure with these suppliers was just under £5m and this initiative saves thousands of food miles annually and creates hundred’s of local jobs. This grows the local economy and as a result, the families and business’s in the local community prosper, which hopefully allows our infrastructure to develop sustainably alongside.

A Unique Partnership

From a Market Stall in Bradford to one of the UK’s largest Supermarket chains, Morrison’s focus on championing local produce aligns with our vision here at Jempson’s, whose similar humble beginnings and family history means a unique partnership has been formed.

Morrison’s, of all the major retailers in the UK, are the only one that own their own farms, nurseries, bakeries and even trawlers! This control of the supply chain is a great supplement to our existing network of small, local and artisan suppliers.

Our shared vision is to make and provide food we’re all proud of, where everyone’s effort is worthwhile, so more people can afford to enjoy eating well.

Jempson’s, together with Morrison’s, will ensure Customers have access to a wide breadth of products and it is our commitment to bring Customers local, quality products together with great value every day.


As a Company, we review our supply chain (where we purchase the bulk of our goods from) on a regular basis. Jempsons joined Nisa in 1982 and for over 40 years Nisa have served Jempson’s very well.

However in 2018, Nisa was sold to the Co-op. Most of the larger independent retailers in the country had sold out to the multiples (large supermarket chains) and the buying group was no longer sustainable on its own. The Co-op purchased the group and retained the contracts for supply of goods to the Nisa retailers.

The Co-op range of 1800 products gave us a great platform initially to begin to counter the competition and it was been very well received by our Customers. Over the last 4 years the Coop’s focus has been very much on the smaller convenience stores. This has been reflected in the smaller range of goods available, with unsuitable pack sizes for our stores and most importantly a focus on convenience pricing. Whilst we have tried to counter this it has become increasingly obvious that our Customers were not being served as well as we would like.

After nearly 5 years of careful thought about the best route for Jempson’s to take in the future, here we are!