A family owned business established in 1935 which still occupies the original, albeit much extended, site on the A268 at Peasmarsh.

The company is owned and managed by Stephen and Andrew Jempson, sons of Harold who succeeded his parents in developing the business in the critical post war years and beyond, and grandsons of the founders, George and Winnie Jempson.

Three generations spanning 80 years, witnessing growth from modest beginnings to ownership of Britain’s largest independent superstore.

Biggest certainly and probably the best having twice won the fiercely contested Independent Retailer of the Year accolade, and winner of the Marketing Campaign of the Year award in 2003.

The in-store bakery was highly commended in a nationwide competition held in 2003, a particularly gratifying achievement given that baking has been at the core of Jempson’s business throughout its history.

Stephen and Andrew Jempson worked in the business before becoming directors in 1985 and 1991 respectively.

They became joint owners in 1997 when they undertook a strategic review of the business and its positioning within the market. This led to their decision to build the 35,000 sq ft superstore which opened in January 2002.

They were determined that the new store would enable them to compete on equal terms with the major players in the intensely competitive retail sector. The plaudits of their peers, the reactions of customers and the spectacular results indicate that the decision was right and the huge investment was totally justified.

Jempsons has come a long way since 1935, not geographically but certainly in size and diversity. But there are constants – the personal, daily involvement of the owners, honest dealings with customers, staff and suppliers and the most competitive prices without compromising quality and service.

Old fashioned values in a state of the art superstore.

A winning combination.