Chris Knox

Gran Stead's

Christiana Stead was born in Yorkshire in 1898. ‘Gran’, as she was known, inherited a secret family recipe for ginger wine. Len and Dot Knox discovered Gran Stead’s ginger wine in 1994. They liked it so much that they bought the recipe from Gran’s family and started making it in the kitchen of their East Sussex home.

When Len and Dot retired their son Chris and his wife Rosemary took over and gradually developed the business. Although still a ‘cottage industry’ demand has grown and Gran Stead’s is now made at a nearby farm.

Gran Stead’s is made from natural ingredients and Chris and Rosemary take infinite trouble to ensure consistently high quality and flavour. The result is a mellow, versatile and non-alcoholic drink to be enjoyed throughout the year with an appropriate 12 month shelf life.

Gran Stead’s has been approved by A Taste of Sussex and is recommended by Gourmet Britain.

Heartily recommended by Jempson’s.